Mindblock : the devlog
Demo 0.2

The demo is here!



There’s also a website now! This devlog now uses http://blog.mindblock.net (you can still use the old url if you want).

Oh, and I just created an IndieDB page too.

I’ll be posting a Greenlight soon too.

Light blocks and bloom

Light blocks act as light sources that can be moved. I added them to get some lights that can be close to the player without clipping into the player model, since everyone is saying it’s too dark.

light blocks

Also, bloom. Because the blocks look silly without bloom.

Version 0.16

Windows / Linux (20MB)

I added another chapter to this version, and changed a few things.

Same as before, Intel GPUs do not work.

Alpha 0.15, pre-demo version

A lot of new things in this version! Too many to count at least.

So here you go : Windows / Linux (32/64 bits) (~20MB)

Next week I will release a demo version with another chapter, which should be about the same, with less bugs I hope. I also need to make a trailer.

Blocks blocking the view

k, I’m back.

I added a way to hide blocks when they’re obstructing the view, so that the ball and its surroundings are always visible.

That’s the level :

If you rotate the camera some blocks will shrink to let the player see (click for a bigger image) :

And the two other angles :

Why didn’t I use transparency? Because it looks bad.

I might tweak it a bit more, maybe try transparency again with different settings.

Well that was dumb.

Being productive during the last week of the year is impossible. So the next version will be a bit later than that.

Skybox, take 2

I was looking for a tool that would help with space skyboxes (spaceboxes?) and I found Spacescape, which is exactly what I was looking for.

It’s very easy to understand thanks to the examples.

So I made this, which is better by about 87% than the previous skybox.

The lighting doesn’t match yet.


Here are the teleporters. They teleport you. But since they’re blocks they can be moved like a normal block.

The teleporting coordinates are relative to the block, not absolute, so if you move a teleporter block, you also move its destination.

Thankfully, if you press the Grab key next to a teleporter, it shows you the destination, like this :

They’re teleporters. They teleport.


Sometimes in the levels, you’re going to have to manage your ball’s temperature.

Here’s your temperature bar :


It goes from -5 to 5, and only appears when your temperature is not 0.

There are fire and ice blocks, each one will move your cursor 3 steps towars their side. Any other block will bring you one step closer to the center.

If you reach -5 or 5, you lose.


The fire block has an emissive texture so it’s always fully lit.


So hey, it’s been a while. And I’m back!

The programming side of the game is mostly done, so now comes the hard part (at least for a programmer) : art!

Or a reasonable facsimile of it.

First of all, I changed the main character. The floating skull of evil will still be there, but probably something you unlock after completing part of the game. The main character is now a ball. Or balls.


This one sparkles and everything. The next one is very shiny :


I plan on doing more of these.

You might notice a new block. That’s the new fixed block that you can’t move.

There’s also a new heavy block, here they are with a better angle :


Actually, maybe the wooden block will be the basic one, and the stone one the heavy one, since rock is a bit heavier than wood. And I’m going to make a new cracked block, probably an unstable wooden platform that creaks.

Oh, and I’m trying to make menus that don’t completely suck. I think I’m better at texturing than menus :


The settings are in weird places :/. I removed Mouse sensitivity since now it’s a hardware mouse, and changing the fov doesn’t seem very important in a 3rd person puzzle game (it’ll still be available by editing the settings file).

There’s a lot that changed since last time, I also added a new mechanic : temperature. But that’s for next time. Also, teleporters.